Is your teenager overwhelmed with schoolwork and activities?

  • Stressed out over school?

  • Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work and activities they have?

  • Do they often have meltdowns over schoolwork?

  • Problems handing things in on time?

  • Last minute crises over assignments?

  • Does your child feel under pressure to perform to get into college?

  • Do they sometimes feel like they are not capable of success?

  • Are you worried how they will cope as the workload gets harder?

Julie Baird - The Grade Coach

Julie Baird – The Grade Coach

Stop The Panic!

Imagine your child ……

  • Getting good grades & still having time to have fun
  • Always being ready for class even with after school activities
  • Having the skills to make any project a breeze
  • Having fun with their friends without worrying about school work
  • Feeling in control of their time and their life

As a parent myself I understand your concerns about your kids and how  they are doing at school. I have been through the battles over grades and homework! I feel your pain!

What does the Grade Coach have to offer?

I work with teenagers who are overwhelmed by their school workload and activities and would like to get back in control, get better grades and have more time for the things they really enjoy

I have specialized in time management techniques for over 15 years and because of this, students get proven and extremely specific step by step information on exactly what they need to do to get more done in less time.

As a result those that work with me do better at school, experience less stress and have less meltdowns over deadlines.

As well as my own products and services covering time management and organization skills, I partner with a number of carefully selected organizations to provide a wide range of solutions to suit most needs.

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