Teenage Homework is Like a Scene From Psycho

by Julie Baird on September 14, 2009

599557_90159834Picture the scene; it’s 10 PM the evening has come to a close and the everything is peaceful. I make my way upstairs. I look in on my two younger children sleeping peacefully in their beds. I creep out of the room and close the door softly. I quietly make my way through the dim hallway. Suddenly [insert soundtrack from psycho] a wild figure with crazy hair and staring eyes leaps at me from the shadows. I’m grabbed and thrown against the wall. The crazy person opens their mouth and screams

“You Have To Help Me! I Have a Project Due Tomorrow and It’s Impossible!”

I polish my halo, and refrain from asking when the project was assigned [okay that’s pure fiction, of course I asked but that didn’t seem to go down very well]. And so starts another late night homework Session. Welcome to the world of teenage procrastination.

Why do they leave everything to the last minute?

There are many theories on why teenagers leave things to the last-minute. Personality types, learning styles, and pop psychology all have a part to play.

However I found this quote which I think says all.

“A perfect method for adding drama to life is to wait until the deadline looms large” Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

Teenagers, girls especially, love drama. It seems to be an almost unconscious need. By leaving things to the last moment their need for drama is fulfilled.

The real question becomes; how can they satisfy this need without failing in school and causing US stress?

By setting personal deadlines students can do two things.

  • They can set a deadline that make sense for their schedule allowing for other activities that they have
  • They can pick a project into parts and each part is given a deadline which enables the overall to meet the schedule. This means that each drama is in fact just a mini-drama.

The time to do this of course is when the project is assigned. This does require practice and usually some supervision in the beginning. But which scenario would you rather be in?

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