Planning For Sanity

by Julie Baird on October 7, 2009

See where lack of planning gets you!

Didn't plan on that did he?

Everyone has their own perspective on time. No matter how often I look at a monthly planner, I always need to see my weekly plan to get a sense of what my life will be like that week. That way I can look at the appointments I have that I can’t move, then slot in the routine activities I know that have to be done during the week. Of course if I do this at least a week in advance it helps me to be prepared if I am overbooking myself.

Applying this to the life of a student is not much different. There are set activities that are not moveable – classes, activities, appointments; and there is everything else that needs to get done somewhere in the week. Plus of course free time. Figure out how much time each of these things need and slot them in to the best places. They can always get reshuffled later.

The cautionary note is to make sure that you leave enough flexible time in your week for the unexpected. You know that one of your classes will dump an unexpected assignment on you. You don’t know which one but it is likely to happen. So make sure you build in some contingency time. If it doesn’t happen I am sure you can find something to do with the extra time.

Nothing will drive you insane faster than a week where every moment is planned in. Leave yourself a set percentage of time for contingency and adjust as necessary. I set mine at 30% – yours will undoubtedly be different – try it and see.

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