Double Your Time By Planning Your Day

by Julie Baird on October 9, 2009


Mary says her work always seems to take forever!

Sue says she always seems to get her work done and have enough time for other activities!

Compare their days:

Mary comes home from class, has a snack, catches up on Facebook gossip, reaches for her books, picks what she fancies doing and starts working. Once that task is done she looks over her pile of books again, decides what she wants to work on next, starts, then realizes she needs to gather information before she can continue. She moves to the computer again to get the information that she needs, see that some of her friends are online and has a “quick” chat does the research and goes back to a project. So her day continues. She doesn’t even take a break but she never seems done!

Sue comes home from class. The first thing she does is to pull out her list of activities that need to be done today. She checks she has all the information she needs and makes notes of what needs to be done and the order she wants to do it in. She estimates how long each piece of work will take and writes it down. She then has a snack, spends exactly 20 minutes catching up on Facebook then gets to work following her plan. She works on each activity until either it is complete or the estimated time has expired. If it remains unfinished she estimates how much more time is needed and then adds it to the plan for later, then she moves on to the next thing. She has built in to her plan a couple of five-minute breaks when she catches up with texts and online chat, but uses a timer so she doesn’t get sucked in.

What lessons does Sue have for Mary?

  • Planning activities to do saves time choosing after each task.
  • Advanced planning makes sure you have everything you need to get going.
  • Timing tasks keep you focused
  • Having and timed breaks actually increases your productivity.

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