How Do You Use Your Time?

by Julie Baird on October 14, 2009


Time is finite; there are only 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. It is the same for everyone. So why do some students seem to get through all their work and have lots of time for fun activities while others are struggling with their work load?

Part of the secret lies with how they use their time. The smartest students (and I am talking street smarts here) know how to create more time from their day by using a few simple techniques. Here are my top 3.

  1. Batching tasks: doing the same kind of tasks together, whether it be research, library searches, computer work, phone calls, errands etc. Gather like tasks together and tackle them in a bunch. You are staying in the right frame of mind, you are with the right equipment/ resource and you can work more efficiently than skipping about.
  2. Travel Time: Keeping a list of tasks that you can do while traveling or waiting between classes or while waiting for an appointment can leverage some valuable time in your day. Start keeping a file folder that you can fill with work or reading material that can be done on the go in stolen moments.
  3. Smart Breaks: Planning in regular breaks can increase your effectiveness. Going too long between breaks affects your concentration and tasks take longer. Plan in short breaks at least every hour when you can stretch your legs, drink some water and lighten up before refocusing. If you tend to lose track of time, set a timer for 5-10mins so you don’t end up wasting time.

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