To Do or Not to Do – that is the question!

by Julie Baird on October 23, 2009

896217_95526153I love procrastination. I am really good at it! Unfortunately everything I avoid lurks in the shadows waiting to leap out at me when I least expect it. Not only that, but they all seem bigger lurking in the shadows than they were when I first hid them there.

Why do I do this to myself?

As human beings we don’t like doing certain things. The list varies from person to person. Sometimes the list is out in the open; taking out the trash; cleaning the house; writing thank you letters….. but sometimes the things you put off doing are not so obvious. The brain devises sneaky ways to make us feel comfortable with avoiding these tasks. We have really good reasons –  we are not procrastinating, we are prioritizing  – or are we?

Have a good look at your task list and focus on the ones that say “Not Yet!”  Be really tough on yourself and ask “Why Not Now?” Devote an amount of time just to getting some of these ones done.

This does a few things.

It gets some of those pesky, bothersome tasks out of the way, and it trains you to recognize the kind of tasks you tend to put off. That way you can be on the lookout in the future and stop yourself falling into the procrastination trap.

Procrastination is covered in depth in the Time Management Skills for Students Courses. You can read more about it here

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