Are You A Big Waster?

by Julie Baird on October 28, 2009

896217_95526153So how do you feel about time? Is it something endless that you can spend how ever you want? Or is it a precious resource that you need to spend wisely?

There are only 24 hours in every day, and until science backs up science fiction, we are stuck with making decisions on how we spend that time.

By being careful about how you spend your time, it gives you freedom. Freedom to choose leisure time. If you waste time, those choices disappear.

To see just how much time you are “wasting”, try these simple techniques

  1. Allocate a set amount of time to each activity – this makes you consider how long you want to spend on it.
  2. Use a timer – set it to go off and actually stop when it goes off
  3. Decide how much time is needed to finish the activity if necessary
  4. Set the timer again
  5. Use this knowledge to tighten up on how you spend your time in some of the more dangerous areas.

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