Healthy Body = Healthy Brain = Great Grades

by Julie Baird on November 11, 2009

jump_for JoyHow much you can get done, and how well you do it is directly related to how healthy you are.

Think about it – how productive are you while you have the flu?

Okay, that is an extreme example, but unless you look after your health, you won’t do your best. That means you need to eat well, sleep well and exercise!

Eating: We are all guilty of sneaking not so healthy snacks because it is quick; or skipping meals because we don’t have time.

  • Food nourishes the brain. If you are not a healthy eater make sure you have good supplements.
  • Sorry, but your mother is right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies prove it – get over it and shovel something down in the morning.

Sleeping: As well as rejuvenating the brain, sleep allows the brain to make sense of all the information it has taken in through out the day. So if you feel you must cram before an exam, make sure you leave time for a good nights sleep before the test so it can sink into your memory and you can access it when you need to.

Exercise: If you don’t do any organized sport then think when you can squeeze in something that raises your heart rate. Walk to school, use stairs rather than elevators, build in a walk with a buddy –anything that gets the blood circulating. This keeps the blood flow to the brain healthy and oxygen rich. Just what you need for maximum brain power.

So take my advice, look after your body and your brain will look after you.

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