5 Things To Do When You Really Don’t Want To Work

by Julie Baird on November 19, 2009

Sometimes you just don’t feel like working!

bored_guyIt happens to us all.

Especially if the work we have to do is not something that excites us.

So what can you do to get the work done anyway?

  1. Set a 10 minute timed break and do something really up beat (dance, scream, shout, jumping jacks, do a few laps of the house, whatever). Make sure you have set a timer and that you start as soon as the break is over.
  2. Tackle the task in a way that makes it appeal more to you  – for example, do it as a group, use fancy colored pens, use pictures etc, just make sure you don’t make to too much more time consuming
  3. Do a task you want to do first – but set a time and stick to it – don’t let that enjoyable task fill all the time you have!
  4. Promise yourself a reward when it is done (something that you will enjoy, 10 mins on Facebook, catching up with a friend, or my own personal favorite …chocolate!) Once you are done, set your timer for your break and kick back.
  5. Start working for 10 minutes only. If after 10 minutes you still don’t want to continue, park it and do something else – set another 10 minutes for later. This one works well because most often we put something off because we just don’t want to start. Once you are into it you will probably be fine with continuing.

By following these few simple ideas you will have no problem getting through the work that is on your list, whether you wanted to work or not!

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