Sleep To Concentrate

by Julie Baird on November 27, 2009

If you want to understand the effects on sleep deprivation on any aspect of life, forget the studies and theories – ask any mother of a newborn!!!

  • You can’t concentrate
  • You can’t focus
  • Things don’t make sense
  • You can’t remember what you were saying long enough to finish a sentence never mind communicate effectively
  • You become emotional, irrational, mood swings become the norm

Now, while most of those are extreme symptoms, I am sure that most of you will recognize when you have experienced some of them after a few late nights.

Unfortunately, you need to be able to concentrate to take in the lessons you get every day. If you don’t get it first time, you will need to study for longer to achieve the same level of learning.

Consider this fairly typical cycle:

You are tired. You attended class but took notes almost on automatic pilot. You now have a test,you have to cram the night before because you don’t remember it, you end up losing sleep, which makes it harder to focus on the test. And then there are the rest of the class in the day, which you can’t concentrate on because of lack of sleep……

Break out of the cycle and consider this on.

You go to class well rested. You focus on the lesson, the notes you take support the learning you are absorbing. After class you review your notes to make sure they capture the learning well. When it comes time for the test you already understand the material and just have to top up and refresh your memory. You get a good nights sleep, this allows your brain to process the information, make sense of it and store it correctly for easy retrieval. You enter the test refreshed and with a laser like focus.

Which cycle woud you rather be in?

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