Saving the Backpack From Hell!

by Julie Baird on December 7, 2009

The backpack! This is a source of complaint for almost every student I know. it’s too heavy, I can find things, it won’t fit in my locker. Etc. etc.

Add to this the amount of trash that appears from it at the end of each semester and you can see that this is a productivity nightmare.

I want to offer a few tips to try and address some of the major problems.

  1. Start with a completely empty backpack — empty and clean it each week.
  2. Have designated pockets or places for regular items. For example, homework to be handed in goes in a folder in the front pocket. Binders and book’s go in the back pocket. Supplies of pens and pencils go in the side pocket;  phone goes in its designated spot. By doing this it becomes easy to find things and put them away
  3. Use bright colors for folders, phone, pencil cases, etc. , especially if the backpack has a dark lining. It is so much easier to spot. Use colored tape if you want to add color quickly.
  4. Look into reference book on CD or online, or see if your school will lend or rent you a second set of books. That way the backpack will not be as heavy and the right books are always where you need them.
  5. When books have to be carried back and forth, organize them in a large pocket by size. Put the largest new the back, after the binders or folders. This allows easy access and also is better for carrying.

With these few simple tips, it will be easier to be more organized and make sure everything gets to where is meant to be.

Supporting this are tips for the locker. The other black hole! You can check out these tips on the blog later this week.

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