Help Your Teenager Get Control of Their Locker

by Julie Baird on December 9, 2009

The locker can be the source of a great deal of frustration. I have students who’ve been penalized because of missing assignments, only to find it at the end of the year when everything came home.

The locker can be difficult to tackle, because it is in school. No student wants anyone to go in and help them sort out the locker

The easiest thing is to set it up right from the beginning, however the beginning or end of each semester provides an opportunity as well.

Empty the locker completely, take everything home in carrier bags to be sorted through. Go through the contents of the carrier bags and decide what needs to be in the locker, what is trash and what belongs at home.

For the things that need to be in the locker, separate them into categories.

For example.

  • gym stuff
  • supplies.
  • Books and folders by subject.
  • Accessories.
  • Schedule.
  • Personal care items etc.

Map out a plan of the locker, dividing it into sections for each of the categories of items.

For example, you may have a basket with gym stuff, a shelf for books and folders, a basket for personal care items, for the backpack and jacket.

Make sure you have accessories to make the sections distinct and separate.

On the door of the locker, make sure the schedule is posted. You may also want to have to map of the locker.

Now pack up all the items by category so that it will be easy to recreate the locker in school.

If the student feels unsure that setting up the locker themselves. Then see if there’s a time when you can go in and help out of hours. Alternatively see if one of their more organized friends would be prepared to help them.

Once the locker is set up, it is easy to find things and locker breaks become much less frustrating. Combine this with an organized backpack and students need never lose grades for missing work again.

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