Organizing Teenagers Who Don’t Work In One Spot

by Julie Baird on December 11, 2009

Some teenagers are quite happy to shut themselves away in their rooms and do their work and studying. In this case it is easy to setup systems to support them in doing school work. See previous blog for details.

However, what happens when your child likes to pick different places to do their work? One day it may be the kitchen table the next it may be lying on the floor of the living room. How then do you support your student?

The traveling student has the same needs as a stationary one, but we need to use different techniques to fulfill them.

Think about it more like a mobile workstation. They still need supplies. They still need access to their files, but it needs to be able to move around with them.

I have seen different options but my favorite is to use the container like a fishing tackle or art supply box.

  • Set up supplies in the same way as you would if it was a desk. Pens, pencils, paper, art supplies, etc. all in designated areas so they are easy to find.
  • Keep the quantities limited so access is easy.
  • For the portable filing system to try a concertina file box with a handle.
  • The backpack becomes even more important in the circumstance, because it becomes part of the traveling setup. With books that are required for homework being carried in it to whatever destination is on the cards today.

The traveling worker will have more of a tendency to leave papers behind when they move on. Make sure you have a loose paper file or box that the papers can go in when others find them. That way there are only a couple of places to check for missing work.

Traveling systems can also be useful where there is not room for a desk in the room, and where the student has multiple homes.

Traveling workers can be just as effective as stationery ones, but they do need discipline to make sure they are not overly distracted by their environment. If this proves to be difficult then, it may be worth testing out a more limited travel, to quieter places only.

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