Use Wasted Time To Plan Projects

by Julie Baird on December 18, 2009

Sometimes the mind can become very focused if it knows there is only a short time to get things done. Short batches of time can therefore be very useful to do tasks that can be done in small chunks.

Planning a project or assignment falls nicely into this category. However you have to be aware that if you use waiting time for this activity you could be interrupted at any moment. (For example, if you are waiting for an appointment).

But don’t let that stop you!

A technique that allows students to capture thoughts and plans in a way that is easy leave and to pick up again with minimum disruption is mind mapping. If you are not familiar with mind mapping you can find out more at

I use this technique a lot for planning projects, presentations, courses etc. It allows you to develop your thinking in a non linear way, adding and expanding points as you go. You then have a complete picture of the project on one piece of paper and it is captured in such a way as to make it easy to chunk down into distinct action steps.

How is that for making the most of otherwise wasted time?

What are your top tips of how to use those wasted moments in life?

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