How Can Having More Deadlines Be A Good Thing!

by Julie Baird on December 24, 2009

Nothing focuses the mind quite like a deadline! Think about it, how much do you achieve in those last few days before vacation, when you want to go off without worrying about all the tasks and clutter you leave behind?

For a student, there are many deadlines. Exams, quizzes, test dates; homework & assignment dues dates. And, as teenagers have a hormonal need for drama, those deadlines provide ample opportunity for last minute crises and meltdowns.

Now consider if, instead of having only those “drop dead” deadlines, your teenager had deadlines on progress; and someone to hold them accountable. All of a sudden you have a situation where the “drop dead” deadlines are only mini dramas.

The role of a coach here is to:

  • Provide that level of accountability
  • Make sure the student has the skills to plan and manage their time
  • Provide support as the skill is practiced until it is as natural as breathing
  • Help the student track their progress and take pride in their accomplishments

In some families, the parent can provide this role. In others, the parent is the last person the teenager will allow to help. For those kids an external coach can be of value.

If you would like to find out more about The Grade Coach programs and how they can help your teenager click here.

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