Use a coach to stop you nagging your teen!

by Julie Baird on December 28, 2009

As parents of a teenager, you will have heard it many times…..”I Know!!” Isn’t it amazing how much our kids have learned in the course of their short lives?

So how can you step in to challenge their methods without appearing to nag?

The easy answer is … get someone else to do it!

What are your options?

The ideal choice will vary by individual, and you know your child best. Here are some ideas for you to consider.

  1. A teacher – a good option if your child has no hang ups about staying after school, can advocate for themselves and if your school offers this option
  2. A tutor – if the issue is one particular subject this can work well, as long as your child will accept it.
  3. An older child or a friend – if you or your teenager knows someone who has demonstrated good practice in this area perhaps they would share. My daughter knows exactly which of her friends to call when she needs to organize her closet!
  4. The Grade Coach – if you want to add accountability and challenge to the mix, one of our programs could be the answer. The bonus here is that grades do not have to be a problem; the coaching can focus on better ways to do things to reduce pressure and stress. Plus, having a coach has much less stigma to it than other sources of help.

If you would like to learn more about The Grade Coach programs and how they can help your teenager, click here

What are some of the best ways you have found to challenge the way your teenager works, without raising their hackles?

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