How To Set Goals That Work (Part 2)

by Julie Baird on January 8, 2010

5 Steps to Help You Stick To Your Goals

In part one of this blog you looked at how to start generating your goals to take you forward to the kind of life you want. In this part I’ll be taking you through how to really home in on what you need to do to get those goals really clear and sharp.

  1. Chunk it down: Nothing is more off putting than a huge goal. It is designed to make us procrastinate. Instead, break large goals down into smaller ones. Have targets set for points in time so you can see the progress. Don’t try to eat the elephant all at once.
  2. Make it SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. These elements are essential for writing a goal that you will be able to stick to. Get really clear on exactly what you want to do, make sure you feel it is within your grasp and put in measures and timeframes that will allow you to track your progress.
  3. Keep it visible: Once you have your goals defined, post them somewhere you will see them on a daily basis. Out of sight is definitely out of mind when it comes to goals!
  4. Make it public: Share your goals with someone else. Having someone else hold you accountable for reaching your goals can be very motivating. That is how places like Weight Watchers have so many successes. Have a friend become a “goal buddy” where you share your goals and check in regularly to check on each others progress.
  5. Track it often: Don’t leave it till the end of the time to see whether you have met the goal. Have measures that track how you are getting on. You may need to adjust your goals based on unforeseen circumstances; you may need to set new goals as you achieve your original ones. Plan in some time to review your progress. Celebrate your successes. Don’t panic if you are beginning to stray, just take some corrective action to put yourself back on track.

So now, what are you waiting for? Go out and get those goals set, and make 2010 a year to remember!

If you feel you would like some help with goal setting or any other area of time management and organization then give me a call and we can work out how best to help you achieve your potential

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