How to Meet All Your Commitments Without Panicking

by Julie Baird on January 11, 2010

Time management for students has the same issues as for anyone else. Sure the context changes, but the lessons are ones that, if learned now, will build good habits for life.

One of the reasons that a lot of students have last minute panics over assignment deadlines is that they have been working on the project in isolation. A deadline has been given and that becomes the hard and fast date for the work.

Unfortunately life gets in the way. Other assignments are also due or ongoing over the same time. There are tests and quizzes to be studied for. Teachers do not seem to communicate and schedule the work load. And that is not to mention the other commitments in your life. What about the training you need to do before the next meet; the party you said you would help organize for your friend’s birthday; and the unhappy coincidence that big projects always seem to be due the day after a heavy activity night!

So what is the answer?

Well, the simple answer is that you need to take account of ALL your commitments when planning in your work. Plan in all the firm commitments you have like appointments, classes activities etc. Then look at the rest of the time as flexible time to be allocated among the rest of your commitments. Work out how you can fit in what you need to do then firmly book time with yourself to achieve it.

Remember to include all aspects of your life, not just schoolwork.

Time management, for students as well as the rest of the population requires a little time spent planning. But once you make this a habit, it will free up your time for fun.

If you want to learn more about how to free up time and get more done with less stress then give me a call and we can set up time to see if there is anything I can do to help.

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