How Kinesthetic Learners Can Track Their Progress

by Julie Baird on February 12, 2010

The final step of Focused Time Management TM for Students is to “Lock in Improvements”.  Part of that is to track their results so they can see instantly how things are going.

Here are some tips for how this would be best done for kinesthetic learners.

  1. Keep this tracking out in the open where it is seen every day and is easy to update and interpret.
  2. Consider using graphs or diagrams to track grades for each assignment, lab, quiz etc.
  3. Have it done on paper on the wall so it becomes a physical activity to update.
  4. Keep each type of grade separate so you can easily see if their problem is with labs, tests or projects, that might be masked with an overall grade
  5. Use a different color on the graph for each type of activity. For example
  6. Have a separate graph for each subject.
  7. Each time a grade is issued, plot it on the graph.
  8. Consider what other activities would be useful to track

This has several effects for a kinesthetic learner.

  • It allows them to see their progress instantly rather than just reacting to the latest result (good or bad!)
  •  It allows them to see the results of the actions they are taking allowing them to relate it to a practical outcome.
  • Manual updating stimulates their kinesthetic preference so it is not seen as a chore

 There is a quote from the hay days of Kaizen (continuous Improvement) that states, “What is measured will be improved”. By just measuring and plotting the results, the tendency is that they will improve!

If you would like more information on the Focused Time Management System TM for Students or If you want to learn more about how to free up time and get more done with less stress then drop me an e mail and we can set up time to see if there is anything I can do to help.

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