Focused Time Management for Students – Love will find a way

by Julie Baird on February 17, 2010

I am continuing my tenuous link between this romantic season and time management for students. Today I want to advise you to fall in love.

Relax; I am not talking about falling in love with a person, just a technique!

I want you to consider all of the tips and techniques for managing your time that have ever appealed to you, but that you never quite got around to implementing.

Pick one and one only (love is always better when it is exclusive!)

Get to know it, understand it, appreciate it, try it out, practice till you really get good at it. Don’t be fickle and try other things, concentrate on this one till it is as natural as breathing.

By picking just one tactic and doing it this way you greatly increase your chance of success.

In the end – love conquers all!

If you need ideas of what to pick check out the box on the right; sign up for Make Time For Fun and get my Free Special Report “30 Ways to Make More Time”

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