Dealing With Information Overload

by Julie Baird on March 1, 2010

This post is going out a little later than normal on a Monday. I have been doing a lot of networking recently and not only does that make it harder to keep up with the steady flow of e mails and newsletters that hit my inbox on a daily basis, but it means that this volume actually increases as I connect with more people!

I got back to my desk today to find an overwhelming amount of information waiting for me. My e mail count was well above 200, and that was just the ones that I had not read yet. It did not include the ones I had read but had still to decide what needed done.

So what do you do when overload happens?

A. Make an appointment with yourself to sit down and process each e mail (or paper mail), un-subscribing as you assess the value of each piece?

B. Do it in chunks – say 10 -20 at a time between other tasks

C. Just highlight everything and press delete!! (or file under Trash)

D. A combination of all of the above.

E. Avoid it for a few more days!!!

Your choice will depend on your personal style, and the amount of overwhelm you are feeling.

Another tip is to sort by who sent the mail, this allows you to identify threads of converstaions and just pick up the most recent; and lets face it there are always people you want  (or need) to hear from before others!

What tips do you have for coping in this information age?

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