Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Time

by Julie Baird on March 5, 2010

We all have our comfort zones. Things we know we can do without difficulty. Areas where we know we are strong. These areas are not ones we tend to put off.

Procrastination rears it’s ugly head when we are entering into the unknown. Whether it is a new project we have not done before, a new subject we are not sure about, or even working with people we don’t feel comfortable with. we are not sure how it is going to go so our imagination starts to run riot with all the possible ways it could go wrong. And of course any sensible person will try to put off something that unpleasant!

Unfortunately these activities never actually go away so we are just digging ourselves deeper and deeper, making it much more likely that there will be problems and unpleasantness – talk about a self fulfilling prophesy!

So how do we break this cycle?

Next time you find yourself putting something off because you are nervous about it ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the very worst thing that could happen?
  • Would the impact be permanent or life threatening?
  • How likely is that REALLY?
  • If it did happen how could you sort it?
  • What are the benefits of getting it done sooner rather than later?
  • Have less intelligent people managed it before?
  • What are you waiting for? Why will waiting make it better/easier?

Once you have answered these questions, face your fears. Just make a small start and you will soon realize that the fear is worse than actually doing it.

Try to do one thing each day to stretch you out of your comfort zone.

What successes have you had facing your fears? What tactics do you use to get you going?

If you are struggling to control your time and get the results you know you are capable of then it is time to take action. The Focused Time Management System TM for Students avoids all the clutter and gives you the most important things to focus on to get you back in control of your time and your life. It’s all step by step, not a big mish mash of things. So you do step one of the system, and when you’re done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. So easy! All the tips, tools, and worksheets are handed to you on a silver platter. E mail me at to arrange a time to chat over your issues and see if I can help.

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