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by Julie Baird on March 12, 2010

Time management is not just about making plans and sticking to them. Nor is it about working every moment of the day and night.

True time management is about managing your life so that you can live it the way you were meant to, with balance and joy.

The secret to making this happen is to work smart. Focus on the right things and get them done.

If you want to make good use of your time, you’ve got to know what’s most important and then give it all you’ve got.
Lee Iacocca

This quote sums it up for me. You can be as busy as you like but if you are working on the wrong things you will be wasting your time. Make sure you understand what is important for you to be doing to help you achieve your goals. Focus on it and do it well.

There are many prioritization tools and methods available if you feel you need guidance. But first you need to sort out your personal priorities and consider them against your long term goals. There may be some tough decisions to make, or you may be comfortable with where they are now. Test them with a parent or other adult who may be able to help you think through clearly how they may impact your future.

Finally, don’t forget to apply the same principle to your fun time. You have made the decision to spend time on an activity – make the most of it, you will do yourself no favors if you feel guilty about not working, have fun and come back refreshed.

If you are struggling to control your time and get the results you know you are capable of then it is time to take action. The Focused Time Management System TM for Students avoids all the clutter and gives you the most important things to focus on to get you back in control of your time and your life. It’s all step by step, not a big mish mash of things. So you do step one of the system, and when you’re done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. So easy! All the tips, tools, and worksheets are handed to you on a silver platter. E mail me at to arrange a time to chat over your issues and see if I can help.

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