10 Fun Ways to Keep Track of What you Need To Do

by Julie Baird on March 19, 2010

We all have things we need to do and almost all of us need to find some way of keeping track of these things. (For those of you with super human memory skills that have never forgotten anything…go away – I am not talking to you!)

Here are some fun ways to keep track of your to do list.

  1. Use a post it note for each task and paper your walls with them
  2. Put the post its on your computer and tell your parents you have a computer task list!
  3. Write them in vivid colors on a white board
  4. Use Remember the Milk software from www.remeberthemilk.com it has apps for phones too.
  5. Use the note facility on your phone (lets face it, you are never without it!)
  6. Use an excel spreadsheet and add categories so you can sort it (okay so this may only be fun if you use colors and add pictures!)
  7. Use a voice recorder and list your tasks in a funny voice (yes, the funny voice helps you remember them better!)
  8. Get a cool notebook and write them all down
  9. Have some sheets in the front of your binder that you keep just for your task list
  10. Have a great big pen handy to score off the ones you complete (unless you are using your phone!)

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