Time Management Tips for Surviving MCAS

by Julie Baird on March 24, 2010

MCAS season is upon us in Massachusetts. The standardized testing, that we as parents are told are more to assess the quality of the teaching than testing the students!

Well, I will try not to rant, but whenever a student goes through a test, you bet they feel it is about their performance. The fact that they get no feedback on their results for up to 6 months does not lessen the pressure they feel at the time.

So how can time management techniques help with the pressure?

1. Plan ahead to avoid harassment on the day.

Plan ahead, get to bed early the night before, set the alarm early enough for a relaxed start.

2. Balance your energy levels

All the teachers tell us, avoid sugary foods, eat a good breakfast with plenty of protein and pack a healthy snack. They know what they are talking about. Avoid the sugar crash by taking their advice.

3. Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water. Keeping hydrated helps you to stay focused.

4. Manage you time during the test

Remember all the study advice you have been given and monitor your time during the test. Even if the test has no time limits this will allow you to stay focused and make good progress. Nothing is more distracting than being the last one still working.

Wherever you live, as we head into exam season, I wish you all the best of luck.

If you are struggling to control your time and get the results you know you are capable of then it is time to take action. The Focused Time Management System TM for Students avoids all the clutter and gives you the most important things to focus on to get you back in control of your time and your life. It’s all step by step, not a big mish mash of things. So you do step one of the system, and when you’re done with that, you move on to step two, and so on. So easy! All the tips, tools, and worksheets are handed to you on a silver platter. E mail me at Julie@thegradecoach.com to arrange a time to chat over your issues and see if I can help.

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