Planning Lessons From A Big Fat Lip

by Julie Baird on March 30, 2010

So, I had my day all planned out. I was going to do a little bit of prep work, download some files from another computer and record some video for my website (yes I am getting brave, just you wait!).

Things were going well, I had done my prep work. I was having a good hair day (very rare!) had tidied my office so it would look okay for the camera and just needed to download some files from the other computer.

Now, you have to understand that the other computer is in another room. So, here I am carrying a large laptop, open, through and open door, when I misjudged the size of the door, hit the door with the laptop which then smacked into my face with great force!

I managed to get the laptop to the ground safely before dropping in pain and crying out for ice and sympathy (I really am a wimp with physical pain) while rolling on the floor.

After much ice and not a lot of sympathy from my daughter, I considered the damage. “Mum you can barely see it, why are you making a fuss” was the overall opinion in my house. So you can imagine my horror when I looked in the mirror and saw a huge fat lip that was turning purple before my eyes!

So much for my video debut! There was no way I was about to let anyone see me like that let alone set my self up to be You-Tubed – yes there are members of my family that would do that to me and think it was funny! I couldn’t even record audio without it coming out all mumbled.

So my perfectly planned day was shot. Now I was really feeling sorry for myself.

Fortunately I decided to take some of my own advice. I asked myself – “in this state, what is the most productive thing I could do right now?”

There were a hundred and one things on my list of things to do, but at that particular time the best thing I could do for myself was something uplifting, something that would take me out of feeling sorry for myself and back into a productive frame of mind. I decided to listen to some audio tapes that I had on my list, to give me some inspiration and get me fired up again. After that I was ready for action – I will not be starring in any movies for while – till the bruising and swelling goes down, but every time I feel the bump on my lip it reminds me to stay flexible with my planning, you never know when something unexpected will up end your day!

Lesson 1: Be flexible in your planning – have other tasks lined up just in case

Lesson 2: Tune in to your mood – what would be the MOST productive thing you could do at that time

Lesson 3: Don’t go through small doors with large laptops!

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Bev Coggins March 31, 2010 at 7:54 am

Hope you feel better soon, Julie!

juliebaird March 31, 2010 at 11:43 am

Thanks Bev, I think it is my pride more than anything else that is still smarting! Who knew laptops could be so dangerous!

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