Procrastination appears with the new buds of spring

by Julie Baird on April 13, 2010

April showers brings spring flowers…and another excuse to procrastinate!

Okay, so the showers we have had recently have brought to mind Noah and the Ark rather than sitting smelling the flowers but let’s hope that is behind us now.

As the weather warms up and the sun comes out, procrastination rears its ugly head. The weather beckons us outside after a long and dreary winter. Our bodies crave fresh air and sunshine.

Who wants to sit inside and do homework when they can be outside.

The tactics you use to overcome procrastination at this time of year need to adapt.

Give yourself a break – let yourself see the sun, run free for a while. You can then come back refreshed and more settled. Rejig your plan so you can make this happen without having to feel guilty.

See if you can do some of your work outside too. I fondly remember in my High School days when our teachers would let us take our classes outside (good weather was so much rarer in Scotland!).

Mix it up to keep your energy high. Life is after all about balance. Make the most of the good weather.

If you find it hard to keep balance in your life send me an e-mail and we can have a chat and see if I can help.

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