Can You Focus or Are You A Chicken Farmer?

by Julie Baird on April 16, 2010

In his book Managing Time, Peter Green introduces the Chicken Farmer Syndrome. I love this concept as a way of getting you to think about how you tackle your time and the things you need to do.

Chicken Farmer Syndrome

“I’ll go and feed the chickens” said the farmer picking up his 2 buckets of grain. Part way across the farmyard he noticed two roof slates on the ground.

“Oh, I’ll put them back on the roof” said the farmer, putting down his buckets and ambling across to the barn for his ladder.

“Oh” said the farmer “the ladder has a rung missing, I’ll go and fetch my saw” and off he went to the tool shed only to find that his saw was rusty.

“Oh dear, I’d better apply some oil” he said setting of for the fuel store. “The oil can is empty. Better get some more from town.” When he parked in town he found he had no money.

“I’ll go to the bank” he said. But in the bank he met a friend who invited him for a drink …..

And nobody ever did find out whether the chickens got fed.

This might seem a silly story but do you know people who spend their day going from one unfinished task to another, reacting to every phone call, text, e-mail, interruption or random thought?

Do you know how what you are doing fits in with your overall goals?

How will you find out?

Are you sailing full steam adrift? I.e. Rushing energetically and with good intentions but you and your goals are rarely travelling in the same direction?

If you feel you need more focus in your life and the Focused Time Management System could be just the thing to help you get in control of your time and your life. Contact me and we can set up a chat to see if I can help.

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