How to Use Time Management to Survive Exam Season

by Julie Baird on April 29, 2010

With exams and test season looming if not already upon you it is hard to imagine how you will cope with all the extra workload. On top of the popular spring sporting season that eats up a lot of evenings, there is regular homework and assignments as well as a heavy study load.

So how can time management help you cope?

The first thing to do is take a cold hard look at where you are spending your time right now.  Keep a quick note of everything you do and how long it takes. Do this as your day progresses, it doesn’t work if you try to remember back – you never remember the time wasting accurately!

Have a critical look at what you have spent time on and see what you can put a pause button on for a few weeks. Perhaps it is reducing your Facebook time, video games, reading for pleasure, socializing etc. You still want to have balance, so instead of cutting them out entirely cut the time in half and set a timer to keep you honest.

A word of warning – Cutting down sleep time is not an option. Falling into this habit will make you less effective while awake and work against you

Work on keeping focused while you are working and the rest will all fall into place.

Good luck everyone.

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