Time Management During Tests

by Julie Baird on May 7, 2010

Time management during your test

Understand how the scores are allotted and split your time according to that. Read over the whole paper. Write down what time you have to do each question and write down the actual time you need to move on to the next. Don’t leave yourself trying to calculate that during the test. Move on at the allotted time. It is better to have more questions nearly complete than a few perfect.

Hit the easy questions first

Don’t just answer the questions in order. Look for the easiest question and answer it first. That gives you a bit of confidence to move on. You also don’t end up wasting your time on a hard question and missing easy questions altogether.

Allow time at the end to go over it all

Review your answers, check your details, fill in gaps, and finish any questions you have left incomplete.

Chew Gum!!!!

Okay, this may be unpopular with parents and teachers, but studies have shown that oral stimulation can help focus the mind. So if your school allows then try it.

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