The Biggest Test Taking Mistakes #3

by Julie Baird on May 21, 2010

Mistake # 3: Last Minute Cramming

Cramming before a test is the situation where a student reads his notes till right before they go into the test. He tries to cram as much as he can into his brain until the last minute, thinking that this will help him do better on the test because the stuff he studied (crammed) will be fresh in his mind.

Cramming information until right before the exam is not going to help you do better on the exam.

This is because cramming right before a test will increase your chances of getting confused during the test. It will also increase your chances of ‘going blank’ in the test, which is every student’s worst nightmare.

You should NEVER cram right before the test. In fact, you should stop studying for a test one hour before you take it. .

Your brain needs time to sort out the information you are putting into it. It needs to be able to file it away in the right place so it can be pulled out again easily when you need it. If you don’t give yourself this time then that is when the blanks and panics kick in.

A big part of doing well on tests is remaining calm before, during, and after the test. Cramming promotes nervousness and anxiety. By avoiding this, you will be calm and collected during the test, and you will get better grades.

So if you want to start getting better grades on your tests, stop cramming until the last minute. In fact, make it a habit to stop studying at least 30 minutes before the test, no matter how much you feel you have to study.

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