How a partner in crime can get you through the almost summer slump

by Julie Baird on May 27, 2010

You are probably sick of being told “The grades you earn at this time of year carry just as much weight as those at the beginning”. Unfortunately it is true.  As the school year comes to a close you still need to remain focused. Don’t let your work slide just because the sun is finally out!
One way to help beat the almost summer slump is to pair up with an accountability partner.

“What on earth is an accountability partner?” I hear you cry.

Simply put it is someone who will kick your butt if you don’t do what you said you would do.
There are a few different approaches you can take for this.

  1. You can make it a parent – this will depend how well you receive your butt kicking from your parent. If you are currently under a lot of butt kicking pressure (general grades, not keeping your room tidy, falling behind on your chores, over using your phone etc) this might be one too many for both parties.
  2. You can make it a friend – have a similar agreement with a friend where you both share what you want to achieve for the day/ week  and check in with each other to see how you are getting on. This can work well if you are both about the same level and are really prepared to kick each other’s butts. You can also reward each other too. It does not work well if you are trying to be too nice and supportive of each other. The phrase “but you tried really hard” should send you screaming for another partner.
  3. You can make it someone you pay – whether it is a tutor, a coach, an older sibling, or an older kid in the neighborhood. The fact that this is one way street and you are actually asking to be held accountable makes this work well. You tend to focus more because you know your progress will come under scrutiny by someone who doesn’t want to hear excuses.

Regardless of who you choose as your accountability partner you need to set up some ground rules before you start. How often you will check in, what kinds of things are you going to cover, what form of butt kicking is acceptable!

And remember summer vacation will be here before you know it. Just hang in there a little longer…

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