How Setting Goals Can Help You Focus at The End of Term

by Julie Baird on May 28, 2010

So you know you have a pile of homework to do, not to mention studying for the quiz that you math teacher just sprung on you. And yet you know that it is not long till the end of term, you are tired of all the schoolwork and are eagerly awaiting the day freedom comes. Yes, logically you accept that the work is just as important now as it was at the start of the year… but the sun is shining!

So how to stay focused?

The key thing here is to realize that if you go on this way your work will take twice as long as normal and you will resent it even more.

By getting really focused you can power through the work and go have some fun.

But how do you do that?

Try setting yourself some goals.

Not in the same way that you may have set them at the beginning of the year – treat these more as mini goals, goals with the sole purpose of getting you freed from schoolwork for the day.

  1. Take all the work you have to do and chunk it down.
  2. If you have studying to do, set an objective to achieve not a time.
  3. Set a time estimate for each chunk.
  4. Start with the easiest first to get you in the swing and give you a quick win.
  5. Time yourself as you do each piece of work – try and beat your estimate (just make sure the quality is still high enough)
  6. Give yourself a treat if you beat your time

Give it a try and see how it helps focus the mind!

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