What is the point of an end of year report card?

by Julie Baird on June 18, 2010

It always annoyed me how my kids brought home their final report card home on the last day of school. It was almost as though the teachers had had enough and so were only giving them out when they could be sure they would not be around to answer any questions!

Let’s not even discuss the fact that the last day of school is something to be celebrated with many plans having been made for the afternoon, so that it could be days before anyone remember that there was a report card at all!

With the advent of progress reports and online results the end of year report should come as much less of a surprise. After all, we have virtually all the information that goes into it!

The tendency is to look at this final report card as a done deal. We see the grades, exclaim over how good or bad they are but generally accept that there is not much that can be done about it till September. Unless of course they are so bad that Summer school comes into play!

This year consider looking at the report card and all the information that it is built on a little differently.

Take some time, perhaps a week or so into vacation once the initial euphoria has died down.

  • Look over the information with your child. Not just the overall grades but what went into them.
  • Pull out separate scores for tests, quizzes, homework, projects, labs.
  • Look for any patterns or trends – for instance did the homework score drag the grade down, or were labs a sore point.
  • Look for differences between subjects. Some students I know do great on homework in Science but poorly in quizzes whereas in English it is the homework that is a struggle.
  • Look at what this means for your student and how they approach their studies.
  • What learning points can you pull out for next term?
  • Write these down so you will remember them by the end of summer and review them when you are shopping for supplies and school is on the radar again.

A lot of work is summarized in the end of year report card. Make sure you get the value from it.

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