Clear Your Space And Clear Your Mind

by Julie Baird on June 22, 2010

Now that school has finished here is it easy to try and forget all about it till there is no other choice. But there are a few things that you can do now that will let you relax and enjoy your summer with a clear conscience. There are even some things that if done now, will save you time and give you even more summer to enjoy!

One of my previous blog entries covered clearing out your backpack before is starts to fester.

Here I want to discuss your desk. Yes, I know it is a handy spot to dump everything that you have been told to pick up off the floor, but it is also a potential time saver for you.

Your desk is, or can be, the hub of your school activities. As such it can either sit there all summer reminding you of what needs done before fall, or you can spend a little time now and sort it out while your memories are fresh and you can do the same job in half the time.

You know I love lists, so here is my list of how to tackle your desk.

  1. Clear clothes and non school stuff away from the desk and area. (Ideally put them away where they really belong, but I am not going to push my luck here!)
  2. Gather up any loose papers and notebooks and keep them to one side
  3. Gather up any supplies you will be able to use in the fall, put them somewhere safe
  4. Throw away any trash, junk, non working pens, scribbled notes you can’t read etc.
  5. If you have a filing system of some sort, go through it and pull out anything will not need next year.
  6. If you want to keep particular items for sentimental reasons put them safely away
  7. Consider for a few minutes what worked and did not work about how you managed your papers and your workspace last year.
    • What were the loose papers and why were they lying around?
    • Could you always find the papers you needed at the right time?
    • Did you have enough space?
    • Were your files marked clearly enough?
    • What worked really well?
    • What changes do you want to see for next year?
  8. For any changes you have decided to make, what do you need to make it happen; if you don’t need anything make the changes now and write it down somewhere you will see it come Fall.
  9. Go through the loose papers and file anything that you will need for next year. Throw away the rest.
  10. Keep the desk nice and clear over the summer and it will be a nice reminder that summer is here.

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