How to ensure your future on the Major Leagues of life

by Julie Baird on July 26, 2010

Summer is a great time to take a few deep breaths and spend a little time thinking about things you don’t normally have time to consider. Things that can be very useful to you when the pace of life heats up again.

Self awareness is a skill that is often undervalued but can make a huge difference in how you perform.

Use this summer to get really clear on what your strengths are and what are the areas you need to try and improve or compensate for.

To do this start by looking at things you feel you are good at and things you don’t feel you are good at.

Get into some detail; sweeping statements and generalities will not be very useful here. You are trying to identify clear strengths that you can apply to many circumstances.

For instance, don’t say that you are strong on projects; instead break that down into the skills required to get good grades on the project.  Planning, research, report writing, working with others etc. Then decide who strong you are in each of these areas.

Don’t just focus on the things you are weak on. Yes, those are areas you will want to try and improve on, but it is equally important to know your strengths so you can use them effectively and keep improving.

Strengths: Things you are good at; may also be things you enjoy doing. Try and make the most of these. If you are given options for assignments, play to your strengths. In team work, make sure that each person’s strengths are used.

Weaknesses: Things you are not so good at, or you may not enjoy. There are two ways to approach a weakness once you have recognized it (no, avoiding it is not an option).

You can compensate for it, by bringing in others who have strengths in this area.  This can work well in team projects and translates very well into the business world. You could ask for help with specific tasks, for instance if you know proof reading is not a strength of yours then you could get someone to help with that.

You can work to improve your skill. This is obviously a better long term solution. It does require a little effort to figure out what you can do to improve. Ask someone you know who has strengths in this area, watch how they do it. Try different approaches yourself, keep practicing. The possibilities will vary depending on what exactly you see your weakness as.

Think of it just like your favorite sporting heroes. They all have areas where they shine and some where they suck. They have coaches who help them identify what they are doing wrong and what they need to do to fix it. They also look at what they are doing right and are constantly trying to get even better.

You may not be playing in the major leagues, but the skills you build now will make sure that your future will be headed for success.

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