Learning and the teenage brain

by Julie Baird on July 27, 2010

As a teenager your main job is to grow into an adult – hopefully well adjusted and responsible!

We are told that your brains are specifically wired to help them achieve this task, for some this excuses the stereotypical self-centered teenage attitudes!

Fortunately the vast majority of teenagers, although still wired in this way, are not the stuff of VH1 and E! channel horror reality shows.

The great thing is that this is a great age to actively get involved in learning about yourself.

An important aspect of this is learning how you learn in the first place.

A great tool that is widely used is the VARK learning model developed by Neil Fleming.

By using a quick self assessment it identifies your preferred method of learning.

There are 4 main learning styles:

  • Visual:  Loves graphs and pictures
  • Auditory: Prefers listening and discussing information
  • Read/Write: Loves reading text books, instructions
  • Kinesthetic:  Prefers practical applications and learning by doing

There is a great website to explore at www.vark-learn.com and the teenage version of the questionnaire and scoring can be found at.


It is really quick to go through and can give you a real insight into how you can approach your studies to make the best use of time when school starts again.

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