Avoid the trauma of returning to school by training your brain

by Julie Baird on August 9, 2010

Many students are faced with long summer reading lists with assignments to keep them busy over the extended vacation. This feels like torture but you will see the benefits when you start again in the fall. Your mental processing will be at a higher level and the sudden change back to school life will not be as traumatic.

For those without mandatory assignments, reading as much as possible has always been great advice to keep up your skills over the summer.

While it is advisable to target books that are challenging and related to your classes; even reading lightweight beach books can help keep your mind in a higher gear.

So, grab a handful of interesting books and get reading. Get a book club together with your friends and share your insights (and share your books!).  Make a point to read the book before you go to the summer blockbuster movie.

Get your brains moving now and return to school will be a gentle ramp up.

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Amanda Miller August 11, 2010 at 8:51 am

Simple advice that is so easy to ignore over the summer! But it doesnt just apply to students. I have been using this time in a similar way whilst things are otherwise quiet and think my own mental processing is currently in top gear. I recommend that everyone, what ever their age, spend the time challenging themselves mentally – I have certainly read some good books this summer.

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