How to become an expert note taker before school starts

by Julie Baird on August 11, 2010

While reading and math are skills that we can exercise on a day to day basis, note taking can be harder to keep practicing. And yet this skill can make a huge difference to how well you survive the back to school pressure.

There are a variety of note taking “systems”. Some will appeal to you and others won’t. Some will suit specific situations and others will be better applied to different ones.

The summer is a good time to do  some experimenting with note taking, without the stress of having to take good notes to get good grades.

I found a useful website from California Poly State University to clarify 5 different note taking methods, how to do them, when they are useful and their disadvantages.

Look over the website- there is a downloadable document – then give some of them a try.

Take notes from news programs, sign up for free teleseminar online and use them to practice note taking (If you need a recommendation try mine ) .

Find what works for you, your style and your subjects – before it becomes critical!

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Ankit January 2, 2013 at 2:30 pm

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