Save Time & Money on School Supplies by thinking up front about storage

by Julie Baird on August 22, 2010

With all the excitement of back to school we often get swept up in the moment. We shop for supplies and forget how it will all pull together when we have to actually get down to working.

To make the most of your time and money you need to consider how your supplies will fit into the bigger picture – before you hit the stores!

Think about how you like to work. How did you manage last year and what would you change for the better this year.

Think about your storage system. How are you going to keep your class notes, test papers, assignments etc. so that you can find them easily for review later?

Are you a desk worker or a traveler? That will influence your choice for storing your supplies.

A filing box can be a great asset when used properly.  You can use it to keep everything together in one place where it is easy to find when you need it.

Get a clear box and ditch the lid. If you keep the lid you will be less likely to file and it will become tempting to pile things on top of it.

Keep it on top of your desk and stock it with hanging file folders. If you have colors for each subject for your notebooks, use these for the file folders too.

Decide how you want to arrange your files.

Arrange by subject & then file by date (most recent gets put at the start of each subject)

If you are a travelling worker then consider a similar arrangement but use a portable filing box.

Some careful thinking before hitting the stores can save you time in the store but more importantly a lot of time during the school year as your system works for you.

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