Ways to use color to help you save time and get better grades

by Julie Baird on August 26, 2010

Colors have a big impact on our lives. Some are instinctive, red means danger, green means go. A lot are taken from nature; some are from our experiences growing up. The color of your favorite toys; a grandmother’s dress; our first car all build our views of color.

As you are looking at building your supplies and the system that you are going to use to support you through school (and beyond), consider your use of color as an important part of it.

For visual learners this is especially important but for everyone color can lift us up or drag us down.

Think about the colors of supplies and storage options available – they come in many more varieties that ever before – make use of this as another tool to help you.

  • Pick colors that fill you with energy, who cares if they clash! Stay away from ones that make you feel down (olive is my worst one!)
  • Make sure they are different enough from each other to easily tell them apart.
  • Match the colors to the subject or work type eg math=green, social studies=red, spare note paper=black
  • Use each color as a theme for the topic using binders, file folders, note books that are consistent so you can immediately find them and pull them together.
  • Use the same topic  color stickers/pen on your schedule and planner
  • When taking notes use a pen color that helps you remember. I love to use a blue pen when I am creating but a black one for taking notes. Red is only for editing. See what works for you.
  • Use colored highlighters for different reasons. One color for important facts, another for key topics, another for those things you know you will struggle to remember.
  • Use color with mindmaping – the use of color along with pictures and symbols allows the brain to process the image on different levels giving you a better chance of remembering.
  • If you already have supplies and storage you can always decorate it with your chosen colors to give the same effect with little additional cost.
  • If lots of color makes you feel chaotic then keep the color contained within your storage system, or choose complementary colors that add to your overall décor.

Above all else this has to work for you. Experiment with color and see what it can do for you. Grab some paint samples from a paint store and see what each color does for you. Have fun!

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