How to use video to help you meet your goals

by Julie Baird on September 9, 2010

Keeping your eye on your long term goals can be an important factor in your success during your school years. Having a clear picture of where you want to be in life can be a powerful motivator. But often it can seem too far away an unreal to have a real day to day impact.

Creating a picture of what you want your future life to be like can be a useful exercise but you need to keep it in the front of your mind to have the desired effect.

An earlier blog discussed vision boards which be great as a way to keep your vision in the front of your mind.

For those who prefer a more high tech solution you might want to create a video or slideshow.

The premise is the same. You are looking for pictures and words that represent to you the future you would choose. But with this method you have more space and flexibility. You can integrate quotes which speak to you. You can have music that is uplifting for you. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want.

Here are a few tips to be successful.

  • Think about your attention span and make it shorter than that – 3 min max
  • Each page/slide should be easy to digest in one look
  • The music should be uplifting for you but not distracting
  • The technology is second to you having a clear picture mentally

There is a website that has some good general examples these can be uplifting but don’t have the power of being personalized.

There are many companies who will offer to sell you software to make your slideshow or video, or who will do one for you. My advice is don’t start that way. It is more important to get your head straight with your vision.

Then download some pictures that speak to you, slap them and some words into a PowerPoint slide show and put a shortcut on your desktop, or download to your iPod.

Watch your video a few time a day – plan it in till it becomes a habit.

You can refine it over time, as your view of your future changes or you find better images and words to reflect your vision.

Have some fun with this but remember its purpose. To help you live your dream.

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