Why do you procrastinate?

by Julie Baird on September 10, 2010

Self understanding is one of the keys to being able to manage your time and have balance in your life.  Why do we procrastinate over certain tasks, why do we leave everything till the last moment, why do we ignore it and hope it will go away?

Here is a quiz I use with my clients to see just how guilty of procrastination they are.  Read each statement and think carefully about how true they are for you.

I invent reasons and look for excuses to delay acting on a tough assignment
It takes pressure to get on with a difficult assignment
I am not able to plan my day so I can work when I am most alert
There are too many interruptions that interfere with my accomplishing the big tasks
I avoid direct answers when pressed for an unpleasant decision
I put off things I don’t enjoy doing
I avoid starting unpleasant assignments
I leave big tasks till late in the day, or leave them till the weekends
I sometimes complete quick and easy tasks in preference to starting a difficult task
I like to spend time tidying my desk before commencing a tough assignment

If you have a tendency to procrastinate (like 99% of the population) think about what tasks you tend to put off and why. What do these tasks have in common, what is it about them that you are trying to avoid. Do you think you cannot do them? Do they seem overwhelming? Is it something you don’t enjoy? What are the common themes?

Once you figure out what tasks you procrastinate over and why it is much easier to find strategies to get round it.

What things do you find yourself procrastinating over?

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