How Over Committed Are You this FAll?

by Julie Baird on September 15, 2010

As I run from place to place, driving kids from one activity to the next, making sure everyone has the right equipment in the right place at the right time (who cares if it is clean at this point!); I am asking myself how we managed to get to this point. Over committing yourself is not fun. The tendency is always to regard it as a short term situation that we can muscle through if we just keep driving hard enough. Unfortunately it can be much more sinister than that. It can be a symptom of our endless need to do more and be more and never let anyone down.

As parents we sign our kids up for the activities they enjoy, the ones they are good at and the ones we think will look good on college and job applications.

But life balance is not about trying to do everything. It is about balancing all the aspects of our lives – including time just to be ourselves and have fun.

Make sure in this season of activities you schedule in time just to relax and have a little non organized fun.

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How to Shop for FREE at September 16, 2010 at 12:33 pm

Your house sounds a lot like mine…we have 4 kids running in different directions most nights and I long for the off days so I could take my time and cook a decent meal and have everyone sit down together and just breathe and eat. Every day I make a list of who goes where at what time and if the school bus is late that throws every thing out of whack. My husband travels a bit so I rely on my mother to fill in the blanks and do some drop-offs and pick-ups if I have overlaps. Thank God for Grandma! I also have a few other parents that I can call on for rides occassionally. My oldest daughter now has her driver’s license and last week she was able to take her little brother to soccer practice and do her homework in the car while he had fun with his team. We’re working on getting a third car so she can drive herself to work, school, activities, etc. I know when that happens it will lighten the transportation load tremendously. Boy, I sure do miss the uncomplicated days of summer!!!

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