How you can use eggs and rice to plan your day

by Julie Baird on December 8, 2010

As you move from high school to college the structure of your time changes. Instead of having 80% of your time in classes and 20% of your time working on your own, the time has flipped.  In college a much greater chunk of your time is spent on independent work and studying.

It can be easy fall into the trap of thinking you have all the time in the world – look at all this free time you now have!

But unfortunately there is still work to be done and lat minute efforts really don’t make the grade – literally.

So how do you work your time to cope with this new reality?

In my workshops I like to do a demonstration with a glass, a couple of eggs and a bag of rice. No, this is not a cooking show, and yes I learned to use plastic eggs after a couple of dodgy incidents!

Think of your day like the empty glass, filled with nothing but time.

Unfortunately you have a couple of projects that need to be done (eggs) and a hundred other little things that are preying on your mind and need doing (rice).

One approach says – get all the little things out of the way first and then tackle the projects.

Imagine this with the glass. You pour the rice in first (uncooked please), then sit the eggs on top – the eggs always peak out over the top of the glass. Showing that if you take this approach you will have to work a longer day, or not finish one of your main tasks for the day.

Now take the same rice and eggs but this time put the eggs in first and the rice around them. Now all the rice and eggs fit within the glass, and there may even be some extra space.

This second approach is my favored way of doing things – plan in the eggs first and work the little stuff around it.

Projects and large tasks are never solid chunks of work. You may need to call someone who will get back to you, need a book that you don’t have at that time, or even just need a break or time to reflect. That’s when the small tasks (rice) can fit in nicely. If you have a good task list you can pull them as you get a chance.

Even if you don’t get through everything in the day, at least your main tasks will be complete.

So next time you sit down to do your work, instead of cracking open a soda, think having a glass of eggs and rice!

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