Having a clear out will make better things come your way

by Julie Baird on December 14, 2010

As we approach the holidays the world seems to be about giving and getting more stuff! In a lull from Christmas shopping I thought about this and decided that we needed to have a good clear out to make room for all the new stuff that was likely to appear in our house soon.

Clearing out old clothes and donating them was a very uplifting experience. With each item I put into the donate pile I felt a bit lighter of spirit. It was not just the thought of helping others that did it for me – although that was nice. Each thing I got rid of was one less piece of clutter in my home and my mind.

I expanded the concept to my work space. I started to declutter my contacts list – deleting anyone I had not been in contact with for a year or more. Now it is much easier to find the people I need (especially as my phone duplicates my contact list – I can now call people much more quickly).

I sorted though my files and moved into archive anything older than a year. It I still there should I need to refer to it in the future, but it is not cluttering today’s work.

I looked through my bookcase and trimmed out anything I have read but not used recently. Again some went into longer term storage and some were donated or given away (I can’t bring myself to throw books away).

The next step will be to do the same with my computer files and email folders.

There is something to be said for the Law of Attraction – as we declutter and let go of old stuff and old habits we make space for new better stuff/habits/people in our lives.

Give this a try as you get ready for the holidays and let me know how it works for you.

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