04-22-2010 - MTFF: Why Cramming Doesn't Work - And What Does!
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MTFF: Why Cramming Doesn't Work - And What Does! Sent Thursday, April 22, 2010 
April  22nd 2010
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A Note From Julie

Hi ,

I am sunning myself in Florida as you read this, and it is my husband's birthday so our family tradition is to go to a water park. No, I did not take my laptop to the water park; I took my own advice, planned ahead and set up the newsletter issue ahead of time!

As I contemplate hurling myself down water slides I can't help think of how the experience is similar to how a lot of students prepare for tests.  Check out this week's article to see how....
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    Why Cramming Doesn't Work!

    I never used to be very fond of roller coasters and water rides, but as my kids got older I began to run out of excuses as to why I should stay behind as a watcher. With my littlest now being a big roller coaster fan, and my oldest taunting me with a chicken dance, I have been forced to start joining in. Having taken the plunge (literally) I now enjoy the rides - okay, maybe the word "enjoy" is a bit of a stretch, but I do get a bit of a thrill from them, especially with my kids beside me to share the experience.

    As I contemplate the whole thrill ride experience I can't help think of how the experience is similar to how a lot of students prepare for tests.

    ·        There is a long boring period where nothing much happens as I wait in a long line (like the term slowly passing);

    ·        Then there is the rising panic as you reach the top of the line and realize how long the drop is (kind of like the realization that the exam is approaching faster than you thought);

    ·        Next comes the rush of the ride itself, full of action and drama (like the last minute study/cramming attempts);

    ·        Followed by the euphoria of having completed the ride without dying (the sign of relief when the test is over).

    Of course, I have a choice whether to go on the rides or not - regardless of what my kids say! You do not have a choice about whether you will sit the test, only how you go about preparing for it.

    Cramming and last minute studying are much like the thrill ride experience. Sure it can be fun as the adrenaline flows through your veins, and the high of having survived can be addicting. But if this is a long term strategy you will end up burnt out and stressed.

    The brain is a fascinating instrument; it requires time for new concepts to percolate into your deeper memory. Time allows all your new thoughts to sort themselves out so they can be retrieved when you need them.

    Last minute cramming does not give your brain time to do this.

    How the brain deals with memory is also pretty cool. As we learn new stuff it is fresh and we can remember it for a little while, but as time passes the memory fades and it becomes more difficult to recall. There have been a lot of studies that show that within 24 hours of learning something new, the majority of it has been forgotten. That is unless you top it up by reviewing your notes - then your chances of remembering are way higher. The first review should ideally be done later the same day (checking over your notes, doing homework), then reviews should be done at least weekly to preserve the memory in your long term storage. Then when it comes time for the test, all you need to do is another review to bring it back fresh and clear.

    This approach may be more like the baby rides than the roller coaster, but this way, instead of get the thrill from just surviving the test, you get the thrill from the great results.

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