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Aug 19th 2010

A Note From Julie

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I have always loved stationery stores, even when I was little. I could stand for hours eyeing up all the different types of pens, the variety of styles of folders, papers and accessories. Now I still love to spend time in those sections of the stores, especially as they gear up for back to school and the choices ramp up.  Unfortunately though there is usually several stressed out families trying to get all their back to school supplies amidst a lot of snarling and snapping. As the back to school season is upon us I thought I would try and help by focusing a few articles on how you can think about supplies before hand to make the experience more pleasant.

And remember you can always shop on line and escape the stress all together.

As well as the article below there are more in this week's blog. Check it out and leave your comments and some of your own tips  http://thegradecoach.com/coach/blog
I have also included a link to Amazon's student supply site which has some great savings just now on school and dorm necessities. Check it out under announcements.
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Back To School Savings From Amazon

Amazon have launched some new ways to save on your back to school and dorm supplies. I have special links that allow you to take advantages of the special offers, like free shipping.  Check them out here

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Tips for getting the best back to school supplies !

  • Whether you are headed back to school or already there ,your supplies become a critical part of getting yourself organized and making the most of your time. Shopping for these supplies can be fun but you have to have a plan so that you end up with things that support you throughout the year.

    If you have a list from school that's a great start, if not then think back to last year, or get advice from older students.

    Think about how you like to learn and organize. Do you like color? Do you like to have everything coordinated? How will you store things, like supplies, test papers, reference materials etc

    Think about last year. What worked for you and where did you waste time?

    Try using color to distinguish between subjects. Folders, notebooks, pens, clips, sticky notes etc all come in a huge variety of colors. Think about how you can make use of this to help you stay organized throughout the year.

    Once you have given it some thought, then make your shopping list for supplies.  

    Buy extras now while everything is on sale.

    Only store what you need currently at your work station, whether it is a desk or something portable. Find a separate place for back up supplies. If you keep everything together you will get swamped and end up confused about what spares you have and where to find the latest notes.

    Find a system that works for you and stick with it. Keep your supplies close at and easy to find. This can save hours over a normal week and even more when assignments are due.

    So, have  some fun deciding how you want to work and how things will come together through the year.

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  • are going to have to put a lot of effort in to just getting back to where you were in Spring.

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