12-24-2009 - MTFF: What Does A Baseball Coach Have To Do With School?
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MTFF: What Does A Baseball Coach Have To Do With School? Sent Thursday, December 24, 2009 
December 17th 2009
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A Note From Julie

Hi , First of all let me wish you a very happy holiday. I am looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and friends. Having a 5 year old, Santa is still a huge deal in our house. Although this is generally a great time to rest and relax after the hectic lead up to the end of school, there are many kids who are still hard at work during vacation. It seems that the pressure never lets up these days. So rather than take a break from these newsletters I wanted to make sure I continued to connect with you. This is a good time of year to reflect and plan for the future - but more on that next week when we head for New Year's!


This week's article is about the role of a coach in your child's life, specifically around their school life.


It should be no surprise that I believe wholeheartedly in the value of having a coach. I challenge you to name one successful sports person without at least one. Executive coaches are becoming the norm in many companies, and life coaches are helping people daily. I myself have a business coach and I find that just knowing she is there pushes me on when I am flagging. I wanted to share my views on how this model can help your child cope through the pressure they experience.

As usual I will be developing this topic more in my blog as the week progresses.

I hope you enjoy this week's newsletter.

Wishing you happiness & success
Julie Baird
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    What Does a Baseball Coach Have To Do With School?

    All sports have coaches. You wouldn't dream of having your child take part in an activity where the coach does not have a good reputation.The role of a coach is more than a teacher, it is about bringing forth your child's talent so that they can perform at their highest level. It is a well proven and accepted model.

    So how does this relate to schoolwork?

    At school, teachers perform a vital function. Information is shared that is critical for the success of each student. But what happens then? Unfortunately in most schools, the teachers do not have time to spend with individual students; making sure the knowledge is absorbed in the best way for that particular child. If your child does not gel with the style of the teacher then they can run into danger very quickly.

    One of two scenarios unfolds:

    Either grades go down, this triggers an alert in your mind and you can take action; call in a tutor, help your child yourself etc

    The second scenario is that your child works harder and harder to keep up. They may be lacking the techniques to translate the work into their best style, so they get overwhelmed with all the extra work. Grades may start to suffer; although not necessarily in the subject where there is an issue; or grades may stay high but your child is at breaking point. Meltdowns occur more frequently, your relationship suffers. Neither you nor your teenager may know what they root cause of the distress is any more.

    Where do you go for help?

    This is where the coaching model fits in.

    • The coach is not their parent, so immediately has a better chance of being heard (I speak as the parent of a teen!)
    • A commitment is made by bringing in a coach, so action is more likely to betaken
    • Coaches are common in your child's world, so does not have the same stigma as a tutor or extra help at school
    • The coach's job is to help your child gain the technical skills that let their talents shine through. In academics this translates as helping with support skills so that they can focus on topic content.
    In my work as the Grade Coach, I have found that, by helping students develop their time management and organization skills, a great weight is lifted  in the household. The teenager regains a sense of control and balance.Meltdowns will still happen, you still have a teenager after all, but they will be less frequent. As school life progresses, your child has the skills to cope with increasing workload and flexible schedules, how many adults can say that?

    Watch out for more articles covering coaching in my blog this week

    This week covers uses then benefits of having someone to play the role of a coach and the difference it can make to your teenagers life.  Visit throughout the week or become a fan of The Grade Coach on Facebook to get the articles as they are posted.

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