03-03-2010 - MTFF: Time Management Lessons From A Cold Week In Florida
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MTFF: Time Management Lessons From A Cold Week In Florida Sent Wednesday, Feb 25, 2010 
February 25th 2010
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A Note From Julie

No photos from Florida last week , I simply couldn't handle photographing the kids in Florida with their winter coats on! Ok, a slight exaggeration, but it was colder than we are used to, so no tans in the Baird household this vacation!

The different weather did make us approach our vacation is a very different way than we have in the past. We have a house near Orlando and we are there often enough that we don't feel under pressure to fill our days with Mickey Mouse. We like to spend time by the pool or at the water parks and that was not really an option (although the hot tub did provide a few hours of fun for the boys).  As a result we did a few things we have not done before and were more active.

It led me to consider a few of the lessons we learned that would apply to others about being flexible and adapting to what is going on around you. That is my inspiration for this week's article.

My blog this week also develops the topics of planning, catching up when you are behind and avoiding procrastination - check it out is this rings bells for you.

I hope you enjoy this weeks articles.
Wishing happiness and success
Julie Baird


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    Time Management Lessons From A Cold Week In Florida

    On vacation in Florida last week we were faced with a cold we had never experience before. As a result our usual vacation routines and activities were up in the air and we had to adapt to what worked in this new climate!

    We managed to have a great time but it impacted on both my work and my daughter's schoolwork.

    Normally we love to spend time lazing by the pool and that is when I intended to do some work to keep on top of things. My daughter had a ton of work to catch up on and also thought that these down days would be ideal to get her work done.

    However, it was not lazing weather and we both had to re plan our approach. Interestingly the same principles applied to us both.

    • Break Tasks into small chunks

    That way we could fit things in as and when time allowed. So if the boys decided to play in the hot tub for a while (not my choice given the cold weather) we could pull out something to knock off our list.

    • Pull out travelling work separately

    As well as driving to and from Florida, we did a bit of driving during the week. By pulling out what we could do while travelling, this dead time was used constructively leaving more time free for fun.

    • Plan in work but be prepared to change

    Based on the work we both had to achieve we had sat down at the beginning of the week and planned in what needed to be done each day, but as activities sprang up (visits to the Mall, a trip to Mardi Gras at Universal - you know, boring stuff!) we had to adapt and change our plans.

    • Bring work forward to fill gaps

    If we found we had some spare time, or if things went faster than expected, we both pulled work forward from our plan so it would all be done earlier and we would be free for the rest of the vacation!

    • Get the hard stuff done early so it is off your mind

    Both of us had tasks that we were not looking forward to. So we tackled that first so we did not spend time worrying about it instead of having fun. The awesome thing was that as we were doing them, they turned out not to be as bad as we had built them up to be in our minds!

    So there you are; a few lessons from our trip. Fortunately you don't have to be in Florida or on vacation to benefit from our experience.

    If you are on vacation or heading on Spring break soon then have a wonderful time and come back fighting fit and well rested!


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